Artistry Unveiled:Personal Makeup Coaching

Embrace your individual beauty with a hands-on, personalised, one-on-one makeup coaching session from multi-award-winning makeup artist Lyndsey Marie. Our Artistry Unveiled coaching service is an immersive experience that transforms your makeup routine and takes your beauty to the next level.

You’ll spend 1.5 hours one-on-one with Lyndsey, diving deep into the world of high-end makeup products and professional techniques. Lyndsey’s extensive experience and expertise in the beauty industry enable her to provide personalised coaching tailored to your unique features and style.

The coaching includes an exclusive hands-on session where you’ll learn how to apply a custom makeup look designed and tailored specifically for you. Lyndsey’s professional kit, packed with premium products, will be at your disposal during the session, providing a real taste of luxury and industry-standard quality.

Your session goes beyond mere instruction, with Lyndsey also sharing her professional insights on skincare. As an expert in beauty and skincare, she understands the importance of skin health in achieving the best makeup results. You’ll receive personalised skincare advice to enhance your natural beauty and maintain your skin’s health.

Also included in the session is a personalised face chart. This invaluable resource details all the products used during your coaching session, enabling you to recreate your unique look and know exactly what to invest in for your makeup kit. For that extra touch of glamour, the coaching session also includes the application of false lashes, teaching you the correct technique for a flawless finish.

Artistry Unveiled is not just about learning makeup skills; it’s about building confidence and unveiling your unique beauty. By the end of the session, you’ll feel empowered to create professional-level makeup looks that suit your style and enhance your features.

Lyndsey is committed to her clients’ ongoing growth, and you can count on her support even after your coaching session ends. For any follow-up questions you might have or further guidance needed, she is just an email or a phone call away.

Book your coaching session today and unveil your artistry with Lyndsey Marie. Because you are your own kind of beautiful, and it’s time to let that shine.

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